Directories and SD Folder Structure


Assets are files that can be loaded by a core and are organized by platform.

In the case of assets common to a platform and independent of any core implementation: /Assets/ex_platform/common/Example Asset.bin

If a core for a particular platform requires its own core-specific assets they should be placed in a subfolder named after the core folder itself, and flagged as such in the core definition: /Assets/ex_platform/ExampleAuthor.BasicAssets/ex_image_1.bin

If a core uses assets that are not specific to any existing platform they should be placed in a folder called “_none” and within that folder another folder named after the core itself: /Assets/_none/Analogue.SimpleFramebuffer/image.bin

If desired, custom subdirectories can be used to further organize within these folders.


Saves contains all user created files loaded or saved by a core, and like Assets, are organized by platform and function.

Data slots in a core definition that are flagged as nonvolatile are placed here.

When a core’s data slot Parameter Map is flagged with 0x4 and also marked as nonvolatile, its filename will be cloned from slot index 0 (the first slot in data.json). Example: /Assets/sampleplatform/common/sample subfolder/Example Asset.bin when loaded as the primary asset, may be used by other data slots as a basis for their filenames - /Saves/sampleplatform/common/sample subfolder/Example Asset.sav When the nonvolatile file is created, any necessary subfolder structure to contain it will also be created automatically.

The directory structure in the Assets and Saves folders should mirror each other. If folders are organized in one, they should be reorganized in the other as well.


Cores contain subfolders of all cores installed following a certain naming convention.

Example: /Cores/Analogue.SimpleFramebuffer/ /Cores/ExampleAuthor.ExampleCore/

The format is “AuthorName.CoreName”. This convention must be respected as it allows quick loading and sorting of the cores list.

View the Core Definition section for information about files used to define a core in this folder.

Memories (beta)

Users can create 128 memories per openFPGA core, which will be displayed on a per-core basis.

Example: /Memories/Beta/<coreauthor.corename>

GB Studio

All .pocket files go here and no subfolders are currently supported.

Save files for GB Studio are placed in /GB Studio/Saves/


Contains per-asset interact definitions as well as other files for future use.


Contains core and per-asset interact values that are persistent.


Additional system files for Pocket are stored in this folder.