Core Definition Files

A core is comprised of several files, which all must be placed into the core’s folder.

  • core.json: Required. Main core definition file.
  • audio.json: Required. Audio features. (upcoming feature)
  • data.json: Required. List of all data slots.
  • input.json: Required. Description of custom button mappings for the core. (remapping coming soon)
  • interact.json: Required. List of custom UI elements for the in-core menu, which can be used to interact with the core while running.
  • variants.json: Required. Variants list for supporting small variations of a base core. (upcoming feature)
  • video.json: Required. Video settings. Defines the video scaler settings used, namely resolution for each of the 8 scaler slots.
  • info.txt: Extra information that will be shown in the core’s Platform Detail view. Up to 32 lines can be displayed - no special characters. Bullet points can be shown by starting a line with an asterisk (* ).
  • icon.bin: Icon bitmap for use in the user interface.

Additionally, a core may allow users to select assets together in a predetermined group as an "instance". These instance JSON files are stored as assets themselves in the Assets folder and follow the same rules for their location.

Folder Naming Convention

The core folder name should follow this convention: AuthorName.CoreName where AuthorName and CoreName correspond to author and shortname in core.json respectively.