openFPGA 1.1 beta 6 Changelog

Image Support

In addition to Memories save state images, all openFPGA cores now automatically support the newly added Memories screenshots feature. When taking a screenshot (menu+start), Pocket will generate a clean native resolution PNG image with thumbnail and place it in the memories/screenshots folder on the SD card. All metadata is contained within the PNG file, which can be easily backed up or transferred to a new Pocket via the SD card.

Large File Support

New Target Commands allow cores to read and write large files, up to 4GB in size, on the SD card.

New Controller Support

In addition to controllers, Dock now supports generic USB keyboards and mice. Cores can see the keyboard on the Player 3 slot, and mouse on Player 4.

Real-time Clock Support

Cores get notified of the current Pocket date and time when they start, and Chip32 has a new opcode to return the RTC data in several formats.

Documentation Updates

  • Updated template example core
  • Added variants and target command example core

Detailed changes and improvements

  • Added APF Host command: [008A Data slot update]
  • Added APF Target commands: [0180 Data slot read] [0184 Data slot write] for access of very large files
  • Added APF further support for data slots marked as "deferload"
  • Added Chip32 instruction GETTIME
  • Added Host command [0090 Real-time Clock Data] to Core Boot Process
  • Fixed Chip32 JTAG reload to always ignore CORE until unloaded
  • Fixed Chip32 data slot reload to disregard parameter bits 7/8
  • Fixed Chip32 GETNAME instruction
  • Fixed Chip32 GETEXT instruction
  • Fixed Chip32 LOADF with <512k sizes to update the data slot BRAM
  • Fixed Chip32 data slot reloading on parameter bit 7
  • Fixed APF debug log closing and not re-opening on a slot reload
  • Fixed controllers 2-4 not updating values when undocked
  • Fixed button mapping for unmapped keys