How can I become an Analogue Developer for Pocket?

You can register to become a Developer at We will contact candidates that are a good fit.

When will Analogue be sending out Development kits?

We will send out unlimited free development kits to candidates that are a good fit.

How much does a Developer kit cost? What is included?

Analogue Developer kits will be provided to developers free of charge. A Pocket Developer kit will include a Developer version of Pocket and Dock.

What do developers have access to on Pocket?

Developers have access to Pocket's Altera Cyclone V FPGA (49k LE) and RAM, Pocket's cartridge slot, original-style link port, and access to system functions such as user interface and I/O. In addition there is an accessible JTAG port. Developers can additionally customize aspects of the scaler & display including their own custom sub-pixel patterns and effects. Every Pocket (retail and developer) has full access to all developer features above.

Will Analogue Pocket have an SDK?


What are Pocket's FPGA and RAM specs?

Pocket is designed with an Altera Cyclone V FPGA with 49K logic elements & 3.4mbit BRAM, a Altera Cyclone 10 with 15k logic elements, a 2x Cellular RAM 16Mbyte for a total of 32mbyte low latency memory. Each are independently addressable with a 16 bit data bus width. Pocket has 1x Synchronous DRAM 64Mbyte with a data bus width of 16 bits and 1x Asynchronous SRAM 256Kbyte with a data bus width of 16 bits.

Can Pocket play ROM files from the SD card slot?

Pocket is not designed to play copyrighted ROM files from the SD card slot. Pocket is designed to play original legacy game cartridges from the cartridge slot. The SD card slot is for firmware updates and other unique features. Analogue does not support piracy.

What are Pocket's display specs?

Pocket's display is a 3.5", 615 ppi, LCD with 1600x1440 resolution and variable refresh rate from 30hz-62hz.