To install this firmware, please view our guide on Updating Firmware.

Release Notes

  • Fixed Rendering Ranger R2 / Targa.
  • Fixed Unholy Night crash/graphics issue.
  • Fixed an issue with Marvelous: Another Treasure Island works now without graphic glitches.
  • Fixed a rare issue with Chrono Trigger crashing on entering save menu.
  • Fixed Flashback's audio buzz when entering inventory.
  • Fixed Arabian Nights audio feedback issue.
  • Fixed Tiny Toons Buster Busts Loose audio crash
  • Fixed Batman Returns audio crash
  • Fixed the RGB value -1 fix again to remove vertical zebra stripes.
  • Changed wording of the checkbox in the cheat codes. It now says "enable checked codes" to reduce confusion.
  • Changed "tools" menu to "cheat codes".
  • Added a "disable hotkeys" feature under hot keys. This lets you disable all hotkeys and controller auto polling until power is cycled.
  • Fixed "menu bounce" setting so it shows up again.
  • Added debugger under "hardware" menu (probably not the most useful for most people but I use it a lot so someone developing a game might find it useful).