My Game Won’t Work on Pocket

Pocket has no known incompatibility issues. If your game does not work, clean your game cartridge pins with 99% rubbing alcohol.

I get an "Error", "Bios" or "Link Mode" Message on Screen when I try to Play My Game

An error message or bios message display means your game cartridge is not making full contact with Analogue Pocket. Clean your game cartridge pins with 99% rubbing alcohol.

The SD Card Won’t Insert into Pocket

Analogue Pocket is designed with a spring loaded micro SD card slot. You may need to insert your micro SD card into Pocket with your finger nail so it can insert all the way, due to the small nature of micro SD cards. It will click into place when it has been successfully inserted.

What 3rd Party Power Supply / USB Cables Can I use With Pocket?

We suggest using the Analogue Fast Charging Power Supply or another fast charging supply with a high quality, high speed USB-C cable.

My Game Cartridge Lost its Battery Based Save State

As with all original cartridge based handheld systems, do not remove the game cartridge during gameplay or you may lose the save state stored on your game cartridge. In addition, if your game cartridge has a very old battery in it with a low charge its possible for the game cartridge to lose its save state / become less reliable. We suggest replacing batteries in game cartridges if you are concerned.

OS v1.1 will have incredible solutions to these problems with features like Memories, that will allow you to bypass using battery based game cartridge save states entirely.