My Analogue Dock Won't Firmware Update

Before updating your Analogue Dock, plug it into a television with an HDMI cable. Analogue Dock will indicate that it is successfully updating the firmware in two ways:

  1. A firmware update progress bar will display on your television
  2. All 4 LEDs on the front of Dock will blink amber during the firmware update process

Make sure your USB-A thumb drive is formatted to FAT32.

Make sure to unplug power to Dock before inserting your USB-A thumb drive. After your USB-A thumb drive is inserted into Dock, plug the power cable into Dock.

Make sure to use the official and included Analogue power supply and cables. Dock has power requirements to function correctly. Some 3rd party power supplies may not work with Dock if they do not produce enough power. If you live in a region that does not use the same plug type, try using an adapter or a power supply with 18W.

Use a newer USB-A thumb drive. Make sure your USB-A thumb drive is relatively new - particularly old USB-A thumb drives may not be a reliable way to update Dock. If your USB-A thumb drive does not work, try a newer one.

My Analogue Dock Won't Power On

Analogue Dock was designed to be as simple to use as possible. There is no power button, you do not have to turn it on. It is on if it is plugged into power. Simply Dock your Pocket while it is on or in sleep mode and Pocket will display on your TV.

What is the Button on the Back of Dock?

The button on the back of Dock is a pairing button, not a power button. Press this button to manually pair a controller. Player 1 LED indicator will blink when Dock is in pairing mode.

My Analogue Dock Won’t Work with Certain Controllers

Analogue Dock v1.0 officially supports 5 controllers. Even if another controller can connect with Dock or works partially, it is not officially supported. More controller support will come in v1.1 and beyond. We suggest only using the currently 5 officially supported controllers at this time.

See the Analogue Dock User Guide on page 5 for currently officially supported controllers and details on how to pair each one.