If I order a Pocket today, when will my order ship?

See the Analogue Pocket Preorder FAQ.

Can Pocket play copyrighted ROM files from the SD card slot?

No, Pocket is not designed to play copyrighted ROM files from the SD card slot. Pocket is designed to play original legacy game cartridges from the cartridge slot. The SD card slot is for firmware updates and other unique features. Analogue does not support piracy.

What is Pocket's battery life? What is the battery size?

Gameplay time: 6-10+ hours. The battery size is 4300 mAh. Sleeping Pocket does not use battery.

Is Pocket's battery serviceable?

Contact Analogue Support to have your battery replaced via Analogue Repair.

How fast does Pocket charge?

Regular charge time is 4-5 hours. Fast charge time with Analogue Fast Charging power supply (sold separately) is about 2 hours.

What are Pocket's dimensions?

5.86 in tall x 3.46 in wide x 0.86 in thick. Compared to the original DMG GB (5.8 in x 3.5 in x 1.3 in) Pocket is about the same size but 34% thinner. It is about 13% thinner than a GBP.

Can I use Pocket's USB-C for HDMI output with an adapter?

Analogue Dock is the only way to output HDMI from Pocket. Pocket cannot output HDMI with any 3rd party product or adapter.

Can I connect Pocket to the original Game Boy / Game Boy Color / Game Boy Advance with a link cable?

With an Analogue Pocket Link cable (sold separately at store.analogue.co) or other original link cables, you can connect Pocket to original GB/GBC/GBA hardware for multiplayer or other use. Original DMG GBs and GB Micros are not compatible without appropriate link cable adapters.

Is Pocket compatible with original Link cables for GB/GBC/GBA?

Pocket is designed with a ‘GBA' original-style link port. It is compatible with all original 2nd and 3rd generation GB, GBC and GBA cables, and with appropriate adapters, 1st and 4th generation cables.

How do I play Multiplayer games on Pocket?

With an Analogue Pocket Link cable (sold separately at store.analogue.co) you can connect Pocket to Pocket or Pocket to GB/GBC/GBA. Additionally with 3rd party 4-player cables you can connect up to 4 systems.

How does openFPGA development on Analogue Pocket work?

Analogue Pocket supports the use of 3rd party FPGA cores. Learn how to develop with openFPGA.

Is the Analogue Dock included with Analogue Pocket?

Analogue Dock is sold separately for $99.

What game cartridges does Analogue Pocket support out of the box?

Analogue Pocket plays Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance game cartridges.

What game cartridges will Analogue Pocket support with cartridge adapters?

Sega Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket/Color, Atari Lynx and TurboGrafx-16.

Is Analogue DAC compatible with Analogue Dock with Pocket?

Yes, with Analogue DAC + Analogue Dock, you will be able to play Pocket on PVM's and CRTs.

Does the Pocket really have two FPGAs?

Pocket is built with one Altera Cyclone V FPGA and one Cyclone 10. This implementation is to support 3rd party FPGA development accessing the Cyclone V.

Are the buttons on Pocket labeled B A X Y?

All buttons on Pocket hardware are unlabeled on the physical hardware except for the home button which features an Analogue logo mark. The user interface offers an intuitive labeling system for all buttons and functionality.

How does scaling work on Pocket for each system's unique resolution?

Pocket beautifully displays non-integer scaling due to the displays high density 615ppi and our control over the display directly. This feature allows for every system's unique resolution to populate the screen without compromising visual quality and maintaining sharp pixels.