Can I use Analogue Nanoloop cables with original GB / GBC / GBA?

Yes, except original DMG GBs.

Can Pocket Hard Case stand up vertically?

Yes, Pocket Hard Case is designed to display your Pocket beautifully when traveling and also on a shelf. It can stand vertically. It is also impact resistant.

How fast does Pocket's Fast Charging power supply charge Pocket? Can I use it with other Analogue products?

It fast charges Pocket over 2x faster as a regular power supply when used with the included USB-C cable. It is designed for Analogue Pocket but compatible with all Analogue products.

What material is Pocket's tempered glass screen protector made of?

It is made from highly durable and scratch resistant tempered glass. It has a surface hardness of 9H and is topped with oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints. It has 99.9% transparency and is 0.3mm thick.