How is the Nt mini Noir cartridge slot redesigned?

The plastic pin connector in Nt mini Noir has been totally redesigned in house. It has be designed with the perfect pin pitch (the size and spacing between in each pin in the plastic slot), pin force and pin length for optimal and correct contact on your NES game cartridges.

Nt mini Noir's cartridge slot in the aluminum enclosure features the same dimensions and beveling as the original Nt mini.

My NES and Famicom cartridges can move a little bit If I move the cartridge back and forth when inserted into the cartridge slot. Is this OK?

The plastic pin connector inside the system is the part of Nt mini Noir that makes complete contact with your game cartridges. The dimensions of the slot in the aluminum enclosure is designed very specifically to accommodate the exceptionally large NES and Famicom licensed and unlicensed cartridge library (Nt mini Noir fits all licensed and unlicensed game cartridges and accessories).

When inserting a game cartridge: make sure your games are inserted straight up and down, not at an angle. In addition, do not move or bend your cartridges back and forth in the cartridge slot when Nt mini Noir is running the game cartridge. Lastly, make sure to clean the pin connectors on your game cartridges.

Can Nt mini Noir output HDMI and Analog video at the same time, simultaneously?

Yes Nt mini Noir was designed to simultaneously output HDMI and Analog at the same time. See the user guide for details here.

What are the special functions of 8BitDo's N30 controller included with Nt mini Noir?

  1. Press and hold SELECT+DOWN for 5 seconds, Turbo functionality is deactivated
  2. Press and hold SELECT+DOWN for 5 seconds again, Turbo functionality is re-activated
  3. Gently press SELECT+DOWN this will take you to the menu.
  4. Press SELECT+A this will power on or off your Nt mini Noir.
  5. Press HOME and this will take you to the menu.