What are the differences between the Nt and Nt mini?

The Nt mini is the result of customer feedback. See here for a support post on the fine details on the Nt mini. A brief overview:

  1. The Nt mini has all the same features and unparalleled compatibility of the original Nt, but the Nt mini has even more features.
  2. It is $129 cheaper at $449 versus $578 for an HDMI upgraded unit.
  3. Every $449 package includes a wireless aftermarket NES controller (8Bitdo NES30, $34.99 MSRP) and a Retro Receiver ($24.99 MSRP)
  4. The Nt mini is designed around a powerful FPGA: an Altera Cyclone V versus utilizing the original CPU and PPU. The Nt mini still has perfect compatibility.
  5. The Nt mini dually outputs HDMI and RGB, Component, S-Video, composite. It is like the default Analogue Nt and HDMI upgraded Nt built in one. No more upgrades. It also uses an off the shelf analog video output pinout. No more custom cables needed.
  6. The Nt mini is firmware updatable with an SD card slot built into the unit. All you need is an SD card to update.
  7. We redesigned the cartridge slots/dust flaps to be safer for your cartridges.
  8. It's 20% smaller than the regular Nt.
  9. It is compatible with PAL games.

Does the Nt mini utilize the extra sound/ expansion audio / aux audio / additional audio channel from the Famicom?

Yes, the Analogue Nt mini is designed to fully utilize all expansion audio features from the Famicom via both cartridge slots (NES and Famicom).

Is the Nt mini compatible with flash carts like the EverDrive and Powerpak?

Yes, the Analogue Nt mini is compatible with both versions of the EverDrive, the NES N8 and the Famicom N8 and it is compatible with the PowerPak. We are able to offer superior flash cart support with the Nt mini due to having complete control over the hardware (FPGA).

FPGA? Is the Nt mini still 100% compatible?

Yes. Our lead electrical engineer, Kevin "kevtris" Horton is second to none when it comes to knowledge of the NES. Kevin spent over 5000 hours developing the FPGA core for the Analogue Nt mini and we have run thousands of games through it with zero problems.

Will the Nt mini scratch my cartridges?

The cartridge slots and dust flaps have been redesigned to be as "collector friendly" as possible. See more details here.

Does the wireless controller have any lag?

No - we worked very hard to make sure that the wireless controller does not have any lag -- it operates at the same level as modern day bluetooth controllers.

Is there any video lag?


Does the Nt mini output HD and Analog video video signals in the same unit?

Yes, we redesigned the entire motherboard to provide HD and analog video outputs in the same unit. No more upgrades. The Nt mini outputs 1080p/720p/480p via HDMI and RGB, Component, S-video and composite video via a VGA port.

Where can I get analog video cables for the Nt mini?

We designed the analog output with a standard VGA to Analog video pinout so you can use off the shelf cables now, too. The Nt mini outputs analog audio via two standard RCA jacks, any RCA cables will be compatible.

Does the Nt mini output digital and analog audio signals in the same unit?

Yes, the Nt mini outputs 48KHz 16 bit audio digitally via HDMI and analog via RCA jacks.

Is the Nt mini compatible with PAL games?

Yes, the Nt mini is compatible with PAL games and PAL TVs.

Does the Nt mini support Famicom microphone games?

Yes, the Nt mini supports all Famicom microphone games. There is a 3.5mm audio jack on the system, any microphone (even basic headphones) can be plugged in and used for Famicom microphone games.

Is the Nt mini compatible with the NES Zapper and Famicom 3D System games?

Yes! Use any of the analog video outputs to play NES Zapper games and Famicom 3D System games.

What is included with the Nt mini?

  • Analogue Nt mini
  • 8Bitdo NES30 Controller
  • Retro Receiver for NES
  • HDMI cable
  • USB cable
  • Worldwide Power Supply (includes AC Adapter + variable head pins: USA/JPN, EU, UK, AUS)

Can I upgrade my original Nt unit with an Nt mini motherboard?

No. The Nt mini is a completely new system. The motherboard is redesigned from the ground up, into a smaller enclosure. There is no compatibility between the two systems in terms of "upgrades", etc. We had to redesign and re-engineer everything to be able to achieve the Nt mini's lower price point.

Where can I buy a replacement power supply for my Nt mini?

The Nt mini uses a power supply with these features. Websites like eBay or Digikey are suitable sources to purchase one.

  • 12v output
  • 110-240v input
  • 1A+ (or more than 1A)
  • 5.5x2.5mm connector
  • center pin positive