Is Mega Sg and every system it supports 100% FPGA or is software emulation being used, too?

Every system Mega Sg supports is implemented 100% in FPGA. Each system is designed totally in house by Kevin 'Kevtris' Horton. Mega Sg does not use any software emulation.

Does 8BitDo's M30 wireless controller have any lag?

No - we worked very hard to make sure that the wireless controller does not have any lag -- it operates even better than a bluetooth controller (2.4g).

Does Mega Sg have any video lag?

Mega Sg is designed with an FPGA. Unlike software emulation, an FPGA based system produces zero inherent video lag because it isn't a computer and there is no OS. All of the hardware runs in parallel.

Does Mega Sg support Sega Master System cartridges? What about Sega Cards?

Mega Sg includes a Sega Master System cartridge adapter in the box. The included cartridge adapter supports Sega Master System game cartridges only. Sega Cards, MyCards, and Mark III games are supported with the Mega Sg Cartridge Adapter Set (sold separately).

Does Mega Sg support Sega CD and Mega CD?

Mega Sg supports both Sega CD and Mega CD via Mega Sg's original-style edge connector.

Does Mega Sg + Sega CD/Mega CD output stereo audio through HDMI?

Yes, Mega Sg support stereo audio output through HDMI.

Can I use the Sega CD/Mega CD stereo audio output in conjunction with the HDMI output?

Yes, there will be settings in the menu that will allow you to do this.

Does Mega Sg support light gun games?

Mega Sg is compatible with all Sega Genesis, Mega Drive and Sega Master System game cartridges. Unfortunately light gun games are not compatible on HDTVs - only on CRTs. You can use a CRT and Analogue DAC with your Mega Sg for light gun support.

Does Mega Sg support flashcarts like Everdrive?

All Analogue products are designed with an FPGA for support of original 1st party game cartridges, CD's, accessories and more.

If would like to use 3rd party games, accessories, mods, flash carts - please contact the manufacturer for troubleshooting and information on support with Analogue products. Analogue does not provide customer support for 3rd party products.

Does Mega Sg support PAL games?

Yes, Mega Sg has a designated PAL mode accessible in the systems in game menu.

What TV do you recommend to use with Mega Sg?

We highly recommend using low latency TV's for the best experience. Make sure to put your TV in "game mode" or turn off all the processing settings (motion modes etc). In terms of specific TV models, we suggest using the LG OLEDC7P.

Can I use Mega Sg with a 4K TV?

Yes, make sure it is low latency and in game mode. We suggest using the LG OLEDC7P.

Can I use 32x with Mega Sg?

Yes, the 32x is compatible with Mega Sg but it requires additional hardware. Please see our guide on Using Sega 32x with Mega Sg & DAC.

Will you bring more features to Mega Sg?

Just like Super Nt, we'll be taking feedback from users and continuing to develop for added compatibility and features after release.

Can I use original Master System, SG-1000 or Mark III controllers with Mega Sg?

We will be bringing original controller support to as many other systems as possible. Just like Super Nt, we'll be taking feedback from users and continuing to develop for added compatibility and features after release.

What is included with Mega Sg?

  • Analogue Mega Sg
  • Analogue Sega Master System game cartridge adapter
  • HDMI cable
  • USB cable
  • Worldwide USB Power Supply [100-240v, 50/60hz, USA/JPN plug-type]