Bot Protection

In an effort to meet unprecedented demand we have taken careful action to address bots, scalpers, and shipping calculator issues.

Analogue has implemented robust bot protection on the Analogue Store. This should significantly protect against bots during product launches on the Analogue Store and make sure real users can purchase Analogue products. All orders placed using bots will be cancelled and their inventory will be allocated to real users.

All items are sold on a first-come first-serve basis. Adding an item to your cart or being in the checkout queue does not reserve inventory.


Analogue Pocket is not a Limited Edition product. More Pockets will be available for purchase in 2023. With all things considered, we will be doing our best to keep Pocket in stock in 2023. Please sign up for a Stock Notification at and you will be sent an email when Pocket will be available to purchase.


Limited Editions: Limited Editions are products that will be produced in a single production run and never produced again. Limited Edition products will always be clearly labeled as such. Examples of Limited Edition products include Analogue Pocket: Glow in the Dark, Super Nt: Ghostly Edition, Mega Sg: Hyperdub Edition, Nt mini Noir. Limited Edition products are produced in quantities to meet as much demand as possible in the context of all other Analogue products.

Limited Quantities: When a new product is announced or released, there will be limited quantities available for the initial production run. Any product that is not a Limited Edition will continue to be produced. It is our aim to restock non-Limited Edition products as soon as possible.

Out of Stock: Out of Stock means the product is currently not in stock and unavailable for purchase. It is our aim to restock these products as soon as possible.

Sold Out: This product has sold out and will not be produced again.

Pre-order: This product is currently being produced and will aim to ship at the given estimate date. If a delay occurs, all customers will be notified by email.

Stock notifications are the best way to be notified when an Out of Stock product has been restocked in the Analogue Store. By signing up for a stock notification, users will receive an email with an announcement of when new stock will be made available. Stock notification emails will typically be sent in advance of the restock.

Pre-order products and in stock products cannot be mixed and purchased together at checkout as they will ship at different times. You can place separate orders or wait for both products to be in stock at the same time.