Is Analogue OS on Duo?

Yes, Analogue OS is fully featured on Duo.

Does Duo support openFPGA?

No, openFPGA is not supported on Duo.

Does Analogue Duo Support original controllers and accessories?

Analogue Duo is designed with one original-style PC Engine controller port and an original-style card slot. It supports the original controllers and wired accessories that an original TurboGrafx-16, PC Engine or Duo supports. Duo is designed with a original-style PC Engine controller port so you may require a simple adapter to use other region controllers.

What Bluetooth, 2.4g and USB devices does Duo support?

Duo supports 8BitDo Bluetooth, 2.4g and USB controllers at launch. Duo will support other controllers and accessories after launch.

Do I need a Bluetooth adapter or 2.4g adapter to play wirelessly on Duo?

No. Duo is designed with Bluetooth and 2.4g built into the hardware. No additional adapters or receivers are required.

What games does Duo play from NECs history?

Duo supports TurboGrafx-16, PC Engine, SuperGrafx, TurboGrafx CD, and PC Engine CD games. No additional special supporting HuCards or hardware is necessary to play these games. All support is built directly into Duo.

Do I need special HuCards or TurboChips to play all NEC games?

No. Duo supports all HuCards, TurboChips and CD-ROM games with no additional special support cards needed.

Can I use original CD add-on hardware accessories with Duo?

No. Duo is designed with a CD-ROM drive built in so you do not need to use any original CD add-on hardware.

Does Duo support Analogue DAC?

Coming 2024.

Does Duo support the Everdrive or flash carts?

All Analogue products are designed with an FPGA for support of original 1st party game cartridges, CD's, accessories and more.

If would like to use 3rd party games, accessories, mods, flash carts - please contact the manufacturer for troubleshooting and information on support with Analogue products. Analogue does not provide customer support for 3rd party products.

Did Kevtris engineer Duo's PC Engine, TurboGrafx-16, SuperGrafx and CD FPGA cores?

Kevin "Kevtris Horton" is the Director of FPGA Development at Analogue. All FPGA development is done by Kevtris or directed by Kevtris using our proprietary FPGA engineering methodology and in-house developed software & hardware. Analogue has a several person team dedicated to FPGA Development and Electrical Engineering. Each and every FPGA core is developed with Analogue's unparalleled standard and no FPGA core will ever be released without Kevtris seal of approval.