What controllers can I pair with Dock?

Dock v1.0 is officially compatible with 5 controllers:

  • 8BitDo Pro 2 (Bluetooth or Wired USB)
  • 8BitDo M30 (Bluetooth or Wired USB)
  • 8BitDo Arcade Stick (Bluetooth or Wired USB)
  • PS4
  • Switch Pro

See the Dock User Guide for all compatible controllers and pairing details for each. We will expand support for more controllers in the future with OS v1.1.

Can I charge other products with Dock?

Dock is designed for Analogue Pocket only.

Can I use Pocket's USB-C for HDMI output with an adapter / without using Dock?

Analogue Dock is the only way to output HDMI from Pocket. Pocket cannot output HDMI with any 3rd party product or adapter.

Can I play multiplayer handheld (GB/GBC/GBA/NGPC/LYNX) games on Dock?

Pocket can only play single player GB/GBC/GBA/NGPC/LYNX games on Dock. You cannot connect two Docks or connect another Pocket to your docked Pocket to play multiplayer games. Dock is designed for single player GB/GBC/GBA/NGPC/LYNX games and has Multiplayer capabilities with any FPGA cores or functionality designed by 3rd party developers.

Can I connect Pocket to Dock with an extension cable?

No. Pocket must be plugged directly into Dock.

Can I connect a link cable to Pocket while using Dock?

Pocket cannot be linked to another Pocket while Docked.

Can I use Dock with non-Analogue products?

No. Dock is designed for Analogue products only.