Does DAC work with only Analogue products?

Currently DAC only supports Analogue products. Mega Sg, Super Nt and future unreleased products. Dock support is coming in the future.

What is DAC's retail packaging & weight?

6.5 x 5.7 x 3.3. 1lb retail packaging. Around 2lbs shipped 10x10x6.

Does DAC have any lag?

DAC has zero lag.

Can I play 32x with Mega Sg and DAC?

Yes, with DAC, you can use a 32x on Mega Sg. It requires 32x cables, too. Please see our guide on Using Sega 32x with Mega Sg & DAC.

What cables can I use with DAC?

DAC has the same DSUB15 port and pinout as Nt mini. This means you can use all the same cables. Please see our guide on Analog Video Cables.

The USB cable provided with DAC is required as shown in the User Guide.