What Firmware versions of the Everdrive / Powerpak are compatible with the HDMI upgrade?

Everdrive N8 firmware v13 works is compatible with the HDMI upgrade. Loopy's mappers for the Powerpak work with the HDMI upgrade. Download the firmware updates on dropbox here.

Is the Analogue Nt compatible with PAL games?

While the Analogue Nt is region free and uses the original Nintendo CPU and PPU -- it uses the NTSC 60 Hz PPU versus the PAL 50 Hz PPU. Compatibility issues with certain PAL titles may exist.

Does the Analogue Nt utilize the extra sound/ expansion audio / aux audio / additional audio channel from the Famicom?

Yes, the Analogue Nt is designed to fully utilize all expansion audio features from the Famicom.

Is the HDMI upgrade included with Limited Edition units?

The HDMI upgrade is not included with any units. If you would like your unit to be HDMI upgraded, it must be added to your order.

What is the difference between the Second production Regular edition and Limited edition?

All second production units, whether regular edition (Classic, Black, Blue, Red), or a limited edition (Gold LE, Famicom LE) feature:

  • a transparent polycarbonate baseplate
  • native composite video output when you HDMI upgrade your unit
  • cartridge slots beveled internally and externally
  • all regular edition units include black controller ports
  • all limited edition units include white controller ports
  • identically built in every other way

How long are the video cables?

All video cables are 6 feet in length.

If I upgrade my Analogue Nt with the HDMI upgrade, does my Analogue Nt still output analog video?

When you upgrade your Analogue Nt to HDMI it will output HDMI and Composite video only (second production unit only). The internal functionality of all other analog video outputs (s-video, component and RGB) & digital are two different systems that are not compatible with each other.

Though, your Analogue Nt can be converted to RGB and HDMI at any time (we'll even install it for you for free!). Moreover, any future advancements in NES technology should be compatible with the Nt too.

What is the Analog video / RGB pinout for the Analogue Nt?

HD-15 PinFunction
5Ground 1
7Y (luma/Yr)
10Ground 2
12CV (composite)
13CS# (sync)
15C (chroma)