We recommend cost effective cables made by Monoprice. Here is a list of compatible cables and links where you may purchase them:

Composite & S-video Cables

Component Video Cables

RGB Video – BNC Connector Cables

3rd Party Suppliers

  • Retro-Access in the USA builds custom SCART cables for DAC, custom 32x cables and Nt mini SCART cables. You can purchase these cables here.
  • Contact Retro Gaming Cables UK if you are in the UK/EU.

Making your own Analog cables for DAC

Nt Mini

HD-15 PinFunctionNote
1RedAlso Composite video, and Component R-Y
2Greenalso s-video chroma, and component luma
3Bluealso s-video luma and component B-Y
6Ground for Pin 1
7Ground for Pin 2
8Ground for Pin 3
13H synchalso composite synch
14V synchalso composite synch

S-Video / Composite Cable

HD-15 PinFunction
1composite signal
6composite ground
2s-video chroma signal
7s-video chroma ground
3s-video luma signal
8s-video luma ground
4connect to 5

Note: Use a separate ground for each signal will simplify wiring. Connecting pins 4 and 5 together will put the system into composite/s-video mode.

Component Cable

HD-15 PinFunction
1R-Y signal
6R-Y ground
2luma signal
7luma ground
3B-Y signal
8B-Y ground

RGB Cable

HD-15 PinFunction
6Red Ground
7Green Ground
8Blue Ground
4connect to 10
13connect to Hsync
14connect to Vsync
11Ground for Hsync and Vsync