To install this firmware, please view our guide on Updating Firmware.

Release Notes

  • OS: Quick Save/Load feature in Beta menu.
  • GBC: Added "Hardware > Run As GBA" option to unlock GBA enhancements in some GBC games.
  • GB/C: Added Super GB button remapping mode.
  • GBA: Added Super GB button remapping mode.
  • GBA: Added Mirror LR button remapping mode.
  • OS: Other misc system stability fixes.

Quick Save/Load allow you to instantly save and load the last save during gameplay by pressing Analogue and Up to capture a save state and Analogue and Down to load a save state. This is a beta feature and you can only hold one save state at a time during gameplay. When Pocket is powered off you will lose your save state. You cannot add save states to Pocket or remove save states from Pocket with Quick Save/Load (Beta). Memories (coming in OS v1.1) will allow you to do everything imaginable with save states. This beta feature is for those who are interested in have access to save states during gameplay before Memories is released.