To install this firmware, please view our guide on Updating Firmware.

Release Notes

  • Many accuracy improvements to increase compatibility with the various Sega CD units and 32x.
  • Fixed bus timing issue after certain writes - this affected Virtua Racing in some situations.
  • Fixed RESET instruction's output so reset is only asserted during the instruction.
  • Fixed SMS IRQ Hcount test.
  • Fixed spaces in menus so they are now highlighted.
  • Fixed turning off auto region detection resulting in games not restarting after a reset.
  • Fixed Cheat codes and controller passthrough so they work if C button is used instead of B button to back out of menus.
  • Fixed screen tearing on SMS.
  • Fixed CRAM dots on Sonic 3 water areas.
  • Fixed audio in Outrun - SMS PSG/FM enable flags added.
  • Fixed sound corruption in Titan Mega Demo after running Bad Apple (and other conditions).
  • Fixed Tiny Toon Adventures silent audio on title screen.
  • Fixed Metal Blast 2277 music speed issue.
  • Fixed Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon bottom row of glitchy pixels.
  • Fixed Desert Strike SMS crash on pause.
  • Fixed Demons of Asteborg cartridge issue.
  • Added support for Columbus Circle games (16 Bit Rhythm Land, etc).
  • Added support for XE-1AP analog controller.