To install this firmware, please view our guide on Updating Firmware.

Release Notes


  • Player 2 controller can run the menu if it is a 3 or 6 button controller, and player 1 controller is not a 3 or 6 button controller.
  • Different size font files are supported. If the file is 1K or larger, the first 32 characters are cut off.
  • DVI Mode was added.
  • Fixed scaler bug where the top scanline or two might not be visible.
  • Scanlines have been totally redone. There are now more options to tweak and width is now adjustable.

Genesis / MegaDrive

  • fixed CD games that regressed in previous firmware
  • Some graphic issues on Mickey Mania CD and others fixed.
  • Fixed bugs with Japanese Sega CDs.
  • Silpheed and Vay bugs fixed.
  • Popful Mail "CPU ERROR" fixed.
  • CD bus timing improvements.
  • Pier Solar cartridge + audio CD works and tested on US model 1, US model 2, and Japanese CD units.
  • Added an option to automatically enable CD audio when CD unit plugged in.
  • Fixed FM sound bug on Streets of Rage percussion on certain tracks.
  • Fixed PSG sound bug (Phantasy Star IV).
  • CRAM dots option added.
  • X-Men 2 random character select on start is now random.


  • SMS Cropping setting added to crop the left side when a game used left cut.
  • Fixed PSG sound bug (Alex Kidd in Miracle World).
  • CRAM dots option added.
  • VDP palette option added to select SMS or original TMS9918a palette for video modes 0-3.
  • All 240 scanlines are now visible. Before, only 239 were visible.