Nt mini: 2nd Production Shipping in Oct 2017

Sep 16. 2017

The Nt mini second production units are currently in transit via Sea Freight to our office in Seattle. We expect the freight to be delivered to us in the last week of Sept. We might be able to get units shipped out in the last days of Sept, but it will likely be the couple weeks of Oct to get them all shipped out.

Fortunately, all units arrive to us pre-packaged and ready to ship. Once in our hands, we should have all orders shipped within one work week. All pre-orders will be shipping prioritized in the order they were received. As soon as your order ships, you will receive an email with your tracking number.

We appreciate your patience and apologize for this slight delay. We look forward to getting your Analogue Nt mini in your hands. Please follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and we will be sure to notify everyone once the units arrive to us in Seattle.

Oct 16 Update

Nt mini's have been delivered to our office in Seattle. Should be able to ship every order out this week! :)

Oct 12 Update

Our freight has been released from customs and should be delivered to us next week. We should be able to get all orders shipped that week. We appreciate everyone's patience.

Oct 8 Update

Our freight has arrived to Seattle, but the container that our freight is inside has been randomly chosen for inspection by Customs. We're told this usually takes at least a week before release.

Totally out of our hands currently, but we'll have all pre-orders out ASAP. We appreciate everybody's patience and as always, if the wait is too long, we accept order cancellations with 100% refunds literally at any time. Feel free to contact us directly at support@analogue.co if you have any other questions or concerns.